[Product selection] High Performance Fanless Industrial Computer GM-1100-J3455 Series


 As one of the core equipment of intelligent manufacturing, industrial computer has appeared some new upgrades and changes in product technology, services or industrial development, and its role in the intelligent era and the tasks it undertakes are becoming more and more important.


    In life, the number of bank self-service equipment, vertical advertising machine, conference machine series, touch inquiry machine, self-service all-in-one machine, car LCD display and so on is increasing, which also indicates that the demand of equipment manufacturers for industrial computer is increasing.



Haite GM-1100-J3455 fanless industrial computer series, the product to meet a variety of industrial needs, including automotive, medical, monitoring, factory control and vision systems with low power system requirements of the application market, the structure of the aluminum shell + embedded motherboard + external low power supply combination, stable performance, It can be flexibly applied in harsh environments such as temperature and use space. According to different application scenarios, customers can choose different configurations.

GM-1100-J3455 series has the following features:

Onboard Intel Celeron J3455, 2.3GHz quad-core processor

Supports DDR3L 1866MHz memory slots and supports up to 8GB

Supports 6个COM(4×RS232, 2×RS232/RS485)

USB port:support 4 x USB 3.0,5 x USB 2.0

Display:2×HDMI(Maximum support 3840x2160,30Hz)

Applicable system: Windows10, Linux system

Expansion:1 x M.2(NGFF)Key-B Slot

1 x M.2(NGFF)Key-E Slot

Network:Dual gigabit network port(I211 GBE LAN Chip (RJ45, 1000 Mbps))

Memory Interface:1 x SATA 3.0,1 x M.2 Key-B Slot

Input Power:DC 12 V

Operating Temperature:0℃—+60℃

Storage Temperature:-20℃—+75℃


This product uses the new Intel Apollo J3455 Celeron Processor to ensure continuous and stable supply in the case of global semiconductor material shortage.


Haite GM-1100-J3455 series supports online ordering, for more information about this product or other Hite products, please call us!



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