2021 start a New Year!

For Chinese people, the true meaning of the New Year refers to the Chinese Lunar New Year, compared with the Gregorian New Year is just the beginning of our work summary, annual planning and other business work, after the Lunar New Year represents the beginning of the New Year, the year is over, the time to go out to earn money!





Life is still good, life is worth looking forward to. It is the custom of our Chinese people to have a good New Year, and we will say auspicious words during the New Year and hope that the year is complete. After the end of the year, life still continues, the unsatisfactory to perfection, the good to continue as in the past, in short, we need to be full of hope for life, life is still good, everything is also worth looking forward to, life is endless, everything is possible.





Let all good things continue! The past year is a special and extremely extraordinary year, but there are always unexpected or unexpected beauty in the year, it is also work, life or emotion, the work is smooth, life is warm and happy, emotional artless sweet. Such a good year is accompanied by a year that we have never had in the past, and may all these good things continue to sublimate.



"Rat" to "cow", cow in our culture symbolizes diligent, hard work harvest, ox spirit, pioneering hard work, harvest a new world. On the occasion of the commencement of work, I will give you an old age: I hope that all the dreams are different, I hope that all the struggles have the tenacity of the cow, and I hope that this year is full of harvest.

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