The application scope and market prospect analysis of industrial computer

(Article source: Collard industrial computer)

In some special areas, the computer that needs to be used has special requirements, in general, this computer is called an industrial computer. Because industrial computers are used to control machines and equipment for a lot of time, we call industrial computers industrial control computers, industrial control computers.


The difference between industrial control computers and ordinary computers: industrial control computers have relatively significant characteristics in hardware. For example, the computer has a motherboard, central processing unit, memory, hard disk, graphics card, and peripheral interface, industrial control computer is also everything, and in the peripheral interface, industrial control computer more than ordinary computers, but also support customer customization. 

Industrial control computers are designed to be more compact than ordinary computers. Due to the particularity of the application environment, the industrial control computer can not be compared with ordinary computers in terms of stable performance. At present, the relatively popular industrial control computer uses a fanless cooling system in the heat dissipation. The chassis has a high degree of dust, waterproof gas (non-condensation), vibration resistance, high and low temperature resistance, etc., to ensure that the industrial control computer can be used freely in a very harsh industrial environment.



Industrial control computer application range: At present, the industrial control computer application range is very wide, in AI intelligence, machine vision, rail transit, drones, special equipment, industry 4.0, new retail, medical equipment and other industries. 


As an industrial control computer manufacturer, Collard Embedded is currently cooperating with our customers to use our industrial computers in the main scenarios: Control site, road and bridge control toll system, medical equipment, environmental protection monitoring, communication support, intelligent traffic control system, building monitoring and security, voice call center, queuing machine, POS counter cash register, CNC machine tools, refueling machine, financial information processing, petrochemical data acquisition and processing, geophysical exploration, field portable operation, environmental protection, military, electric power, railway, highway, aviation Days, subways, smart buildings, outdoor advertising and so on. 

The main features of industrial control computer: first, the material of industrial control computer is generally high-strength aluminum alloy or 304 stainless steel black oxidation treatment; Second, the CPU generally used by industrial control computers is low power consumption; Third, industrial control computers generally use fanless passive heat dissipation in the heat dissipation mode; Fourth, the industrial control computer in the performance stability, can achieve long-term stable operation, can be in high dust, smoke, high and low temperature, humidity, vibration, corrosion and other harsh environment, the running time can reach more than 100,000 hours.


In the peripheral interface, the industrial control computer has multiple interfaces, which can be customized and developed according to customer demand. It can meet the requirements of customers' peripheral equipment. 


Of course, there are advantages of products also have disadvantages of products, industrial control computer shortcomings are relatively obvious. For example, in the CPU performance, it depends on the model heat dissipation structure to do, if the heat dissipation is not good, an industrial computer with a good CPU is also a waste. In the hard disk is easy, due to the size of the industrial control computer, generally rarely use large capacity hard disk, some do not have a certain volume to install mechanical hard disk, memory is often used board mount (memory particles directly attached to the industrial motherboard), the use of solid-state hard disk, although the storage is faster, but in the data security, relatively weak. In addition, industrial control computers are not like ordinary commercial computers, in terms of production, industrial control computers are small batch production. Custom products are definitely more expensive. 

In 2019, the rapid development of China's industry, thanks to the rapid progress of science and technology, the deepening of social information, the key tasks of key industries will increasingly rely on industrial control computers, and low-cost industrial control automation based on industrial computers is becoming the mainstream, and the importance of local industrial control computer manufacturers is getting higher and higher. With the rapid development of electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, transportation, construction and other industries, from digital home set-top boxes, digital TV, to bank teller machines, highway toll systems, gas station management, manufacturing production line control, finance, government, national defense and other industries, the information demand continues to increase, the demand for industrial control computers is great. The development prospect of industrial computer market is very broad.

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