In the era of intelligence, the industrial computer industry will enter a new era



The development of computer, communication and network technology has brought great changes to people's way of life and work. The advent of the information age not only enables people to communicate information freely at any time, anywhere, but also greatly enhances the timeliness and accuracy of information exchange. The application of the above three technologies in industry has changed the production and management methods of industry, and opened a new era of industrial automation, intelligent control and information management. 


As one of the core equipment of intelligent manufacturing, industrial computer in product technology, services or industrial development, there have been some new upgrades and changes, its role in the era of intelligence and the task undertaken, are becoming more and more important.

Among them, the realization of industrial intelligent control mainly relies on industrial control computer, which is a computer specially designed for industrial control. The initial role of the industrial computer is to help the measurement, control and management of the industrial production process, but with the progress of technology and the development of the industry, in the era of intelligence spawned by "Made in China 2025", the significance of the industrial computer has exceeded the original simple industrial computer.

In recent years, under the premise of the continuous promotion of computer, communication and network technology, the rise of the industrial Internet has made the industrial control system which has been in a professional and closed state begin to be opened up, marked by the promulgation of "Made in China 2025", the determination of the development direction of intelligent, digital and information technology of the industrial control system officially makes the island of the industrial computer no longer exist. The industrial computer industry has ushered in a new period and a new stage of development.



With the arrival of a new stage of development, there is no doubt that the industrial computer products and technologies have also put forward new requirements in terms of intelligence, digitalization, information and so on. The industry generally believes that the development of the new era dominated by intelligent manufacturing is characterized by the integration of a large number of computer, communication and control technologies to form a new intelligent development system, and the industrial computer is in the key position of the intelligent system. 

Therefore, with the high integration of various technologies in intelligent systems, the technology and products of industrial computer will also usher in upgrades and changes. In the future, the industrial computer will break through the existing technical architecture, and form a new generation of industrial computer products with more open system architecture, higher integration, modular functions and intelligent machines, providing important support for the construction of intelligent systems under the entire industry 4.0.


At present, the intelligent, digital and information upgrading of industrial computer in the new era is still in progress, and it will take a long period of time and efforts to achieve the ultimate success of non-overnight. However, the upgrade process is not without waves, unchanged, at least in some aspects, the development of industrial computer has shown a lot of changes extended by the upgrade of technical products. 


One of the more obvious is the transformation of service model. Under the traditional manufacturing model, the services provided by the industrial computer only include a single hardware product, and the enterprise only needs to ensure the performance and quality of the product to basically meet the needs. However, with the entry of the intelligent era, when the industrial computer products and technologies ushered in the upgrade of interconnection, its service content also ushered in changes, customers no longer meet a single product, but more inclined to industrial computer as the core of the overall solution. 


In this case, the traditional service content of the industrial computer industry is shifting from only focusing on hardware to both soft and hard, and the traditional service model has begun to expand from a single product to the overall system solution. 

In addition, the information security problem of industrial computer applications has also begun to attract attention. With the wide application of the industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing has spawned new manufacturing models and emerging formats, and the old closed industrial control system has gradually become open, and the diversity and complexity of the industrial computer network environment has brought many security problems. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the industrial control system and protect the safety and data information of production, enterprises have also begun to increase the attention to the information security protection of industrial computer.


(Article source: China transmission network)


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