How to choose the right industrial computer

    With the growth of information demand, the use of industrial computer is more and more extensive, and has been spread across industrial automation, self-service terminals, medical equipment, rail transit, communications, finance, network security and other fields. In the face of various industrial environments, it is very important to choose the industrial computer that meets the requirements. How to choose the right industrial computer? Some questions to consider:


1. Quality

    The quality of the industrial computer is related to the workmanship of the industrial motherboard and the selection of components. In terms of workmanship, different products or different industrial computer manufacturers can be understood in the intuitive role. The selection of components leads to a great difference in the factory price of industrial computer manufacturers, mainly because of the difference in the price of components. The quality of components directly affects the quality of the industrial computer and the operation life and maintenance frequency, professional industrial computer manufacturers have strict requirements in the procurement of components, will not purchase second-hand components or low-quality components, and general industrial computer manufacturers will purchase such components because of cost compression. In addition, Taiwan-funded and mainland industrial computer manufacturers also have a price difference, which is mainly the difference above the profit, and the quality of the industrial computer is not much related.

2. Function

    The function of industrial computer is related to the assembly and application environment. Assembly: The difference in assembly is the primary decision point of the functional difference of industrial computer. Therefore, to compare the functions of the industrial computer, we must first see whether the two industrial computers have the same or similar assembly. Assembly can be changed according to the needs of industrial computer customers. Application environment: The traditional industrial computer is fan type heat dissipation, have left heat dissipation holes to ensure the flow of air inside the industrial computer, if placed in the high dust, high humidity industrial site, will have a serious impact on the performance of the industrial computer, such environment should be used embedded industrial computer, according to different industrial environment to choose different industrial computer.

3. After sale

    The industrial computer is sold for the whole country, how to ensure that the after-sales is accurate and in place? Professional industrial computer manufacturers and general industrial computer manufacturers have great differences in after-sales, professional industrial computer manufacturers will have subsidiaries or offices in mainstream cities or regions to improve the rapid response service system of after-sales service, can deal with customer feedback in a timely and rapid manner. The general industrial computer manufacturers, can not reach the full coverage, after-sales is difficult to keep up. Instead of the after-sales service of the mainland industrial computer manufacturer, it is delivered to the agent to deal with, and there may be problems in after-sales treatment:

(1) The source of goods is every industrial computer agents must ask the question, if the product from the same home, will deal with, if not, maybe there will be trouble to deal with.

(2) Maintenance. Because the industrial computer agent is only for the purpose of sale, there is a lack of maintenance, encounter simple problems can be dealt with, and if the failure problem caused by the industrial motherboard or component problems, need to be sent to the subsidiary or the headquarters to deal with, so presented is the maintenance cycle problem.

4. Brand

    Industrial computer is the center of industrial control, related to the stable and efficient operation of the system, brand is also a very important consideration. We provide highly reliable and high-quality industrial computer to help customers reduce production costs, extend product life cycle, enhance customer market competitive advantage, win reputation with professionalism and strength, is the domestic high-quality industrial computer brand.

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