What is an industrial computer?

What is an industrial computer? Industrial computer is a kind of industrial control equipment computer, is a general term for electromechanical equipment detection and control tools in the production process, industrial computer and ordinary computer internal similarity is relatively high, such as computer CPU- hard disk - memory and interface, industrial control industry products and technology in comparison is relatively special, This is a kind of intermediate product, is a reliable enough for all industries to meet the embedded industrial computer!

What is an industrial computer? The characteristics of industrial computer are introduced


Industrial computer is a computer specially designed for the industrial site, and the industrial site generally has strong vibration, dust is particularly much, and a high electromagnetic field force interference and other characteristics, and the general factory is continuous operation that is, there is generally no rest in a year. Therefore, compared with ordinary computers, industrial computers must have the following characteristics:


1, the chassis is made of steel structure, with high anti-magnetic, dustproof, anti-impact capabilities.


2. There is a dedicated chassis with PCI and ISA slots on the chassis.


3, there is a special power supply in the chassis, and the power supply has strong anti-interference ability.


4. The ability to work continuously for a long time is required.


5, generally use standard chassis for easy installation (4U standard chassis is more common)


Note: Except for the above characteristics, the rest are basically the same. In addition, due to the above professional characteristics, the industrial computer of the same level is more expensive than the ordinary computer in price, but generally there is not much difference.


Although the industrial computer has unique advantages compared with ordinary commercial computers, its disadvantages are also very obvious - poor data processing capacity, as follows:


What is an industrial computer? The disadvantages of industrial computer are introduced


1. The configuration disk capacity is small;


2. Low data security;


3, small storage selectivity;


4, the price is higher.


What is an industrial computer? Touch tablet computer compared with ordinary industrial computer


As the performance of commercial machines is getting better and better, many industrial sites have begun to use cheaper commercial machines, and the market of commercial machines has also undergone great changes, and people are beginning to prefer more humanized touch tablet computers. Therefore, in the industrial field, tablet computers with touch function will be the future trend, industrial touch tablet computers are also a kind of industrial computer, and ordinary industrial computer compared with its advantages have the following points.


1. The front panel of industrial touch tablet computer is mostly made of aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting, and the front panel reaches NEMAIP65 protection level. Strong, durable, and relatively light weight.


2, industrial touch tablet computer is an integrated machine structure, the host, liquid crystal display, touch screen into one, better stability.


3, the use of the current more popular touch function, can simplify the work, more convenient, more user-friendly.


4, industrial touch tablet computer small size, installation and maintenance is very easy.


5, most industrial touch tablets use fanless design, the use of large area fin aluminum block heat dissipation, lower power consumption, noise is also small.


6, beautiful appearance, widely used.


In fact, industrial computers and commercial computers have always been mutually reinforcing. They have their own application fields, but they affect each other and promote each other, reflecting the progress of science and technology. At present, the relatively good is Taiwan's Advantech and domestic de Li Long and so on.


What is an industrial computer? Industrial computer application field


IPC has been widely used in all aspects of industry and people's lives.


For example: Control site, road and bridge control toll system, medical equipment, environmental protection monitoring, communication support, intelligent traffic control system, building monitoring and security, voice call center, queuing machine, POS counter cash register, CNC machine tools, refueling machine, financial information processing, petrochemical data acquisition and processing, geophysical exploration, field portable operation, environmental protection, military, electric power, railway, highway, aviation Days, subways, smart buildings, outdoor advertising, and so on.



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