Characteristics and development prospects of small embedded industrial computer

Small embedded industrial computer is a kind of industrial computer that is different from the traditional industrial computer. It is oriented to specific application fields, developed according to the restrictions of the use environment and space in some fields, and permeated into all walks of life with the general demand for intelligent products.


The main features of embedded industrial computer are:


Fully closed fan-less design, using aluminum block or pure copper block heat dissipation as the direct contact surface of CPU heat dissipation, there is a layer of thermal silicone sheet, thermal silicone sheet and a large area of aluminum profile direct contact fins, the CPU heat directly transferred to a large area of aluminum profile fins, forming an efficient heat dissipation method. The benefits of fanless design are undoubtedly quiet and dust, effectively solving the traditional industrial computer with the increase of use time, the internal will accumulate a lot of dust, while the fan bearing for a long time operation will produce deviation, damage and other problems.


Embedded industrial computer generally uses a low-power platform, no cable design, low-power motherboard and a variety of external hardware-related interfaces are integrated on the motherboard, so it can avoid abnormal problems due to poor connection, but also to avoid the occurrence of loosening phenomenon.


The embedded industrial computer uses a fully enclosed chassis, and its reserved interfaces are rich, usually reserved high-definition display interfaces, such as VGA, DVI, HDMI, etc., but also reserved a number of USB interfaces and serial ports, 2-4 network ports, WIFI interfaces, etc., suitable for a variety of working environments.


The main components of the computer are cleverly integrated in the chassis, occupying less space, simple installation and maintenance, flexible, easy to operate, and can be matched with almost any terminal, equipment or control cabinet.




The rapid development of embedded industrial computer has replaced the traditional industrial computer products in many fields, but the embedded industrial computer can not completely replace the traditional industrial computer, the traditional industrial computer is still better than the embedded industrial computer in performance and expansion. However, a new round of automotive, communications, medical, self-service terminals and other industries of huge intelligent equipment demand has driven the development of embedded industrial computer and its system, the future market development prospects are very optimistic.



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