Influence of high temperature aging test on industrial computer before delivery

An industrial computer, also known as an industrial computer, is an electronic device. The integration of electronic equipment is becoming higher and higher, the structure is becoming more and more subtle, the process is becoming more and more complex, and the potential manufacturing process may be flawed. When manufacturing electronic devices, there are two types of product quality problems that are caused by unscientific design, raw materials or process measures.


The first type is that the performance parameters of the product do not meet the standards, and the products produced do not meet the requirements of use;


The second category is potential defects, such defects cannot be detected by conventional testing methods, but must be gradually exposed during use, such as wafer surface contamination, tissue instability, solder voids, thermal resistance matching between chips and tubes, etc.


In general, it is important to activate (expose) such defects after the component has been operating at rated power and normal operating temperature for about one thousand hours. Obviously, if IPC testing each component for a thousand hours is not practical, it is important to apply thermal stress and bias, such as high temperature power stress testing, to accelerate the early exposure of such defects. That is, to apply thermal, electrical, mechanical or various external stresses to the electronic equipment to simulate the extreme working environment, so that the potential failure of the industrial computer can occur early, that is, high temperature aging test.




Therefore, the industrial computer must be tested at high temperature before leaving the factory, which can expose defects, welding and hidden dangers in the production process of components in advance. After aging, the electrical parameters will be measured to eliminate the early failure of the product in normal use as far as possible from the surface to ensure that the industrial computer products can withstand the test of time.


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