Industrial computer motherboard should be how to select

    In various fields of modernization, especially industrial automation, industrial computer motherboards are widely used. Whether it is a commercial computer or an industrial computer, its core is the motherboard, and the industrial motherboard due to its wider range of applications, now some industrial computer motherboard manufacturers in order to save costs, reduce prices, can gain a firm foothold in the market, not only the number of board layers reduced, but also in the industrial computer motherboard material accessories also have corresponding adjustments, Only the basic performance requirements of the chipset are met, and this cost reduction is a test of the manufacturer's motherboard design and layout ability.


The most important thing to choose the industrial computer is to choose the configuration and development software of the industrial computer motherboard, and the industrial computer motherboard almost determines the quality of the industrial computer.

Industrial computer motherboard selection, the main need to consider chipset, motherboard board type, manufacturing process, brand, I/O interface, integrated motherboard, upgrade and expansion, motherboard quality detection and other eight aspects, this article focuses on the chipset, motherboard board type, I/O interface, integrated motherboard four aspects:

I/O interface part, many times also reflects the positioning of a motherboard and the functions provided, although for most users, I/O interface provided by the dual network card, 1394 interface may not be able to use, but for users in need, this point is more important, at the same time, The number of USB ports can sometimes affect the feeling of use. Interface. In the I/O interface part, it is very able to explain the positioning of a motherboard, the interface provided on the high-end motherboard is relatively rich, and on the low-end motherboard, it is able to save the province, such a province is not a bad thing, after all, any function ultimately requires the user to pay for, do not need the interface is not necessary, but there is a need to pay attention to it.

Integrated motherboard

Integrated motherboard is a very cost-effective choice, because in the case of non-integrated motherboard price difference is not much or even no price gap, users can get an integrated display core, for those who do not play games or occasionally play small games for users, integrated motherboard is enough, of course, for users with a small budget, Using an integrated platform to play some large games is only a temporary move, which is also no way. For users using a separate graphics platform, the 3D performance of the integrated chipset does not need to be considered. The integrated motherboard not only uses a highly integrated chipset, but also integrates a sound card, a graphics card, and even a Modem chip, so that the layout of the motherboard is more concise, the manufacturing cost is lower, and it has the advantages of high integration and high cost performance.


The choice of chipset is the first motherboard selection to consider, the support provided by different motherboard chipsets is different, at the same time, the price is different, can not unilaterally choose a high-end and their high-end functions of the motherboard, can not choose a motherboard that is not suitable for their needs because of the cheap figure, the principle of motherboard selection is: "It suits you and meets your needs.

Main board type

Motherboard has a large board and a small board, even in the large board, there are several models of the difference, here we will not elaborate, we need to know is that different versions of the motherboard in the PCB cost is different, at the same time in the expansion performance is also different, and ultimately will affect the price of the motherboard and expansion performance. The layout of the main board of the industrial computer is mainly reflected in the arrangement of the components on the main board of the industrial computer and the wiring of the line. A good industrial computer motherboard looks like a fine piece of art in the eyes of experts. Users can make choices according to their needs.

Working material

The work materials of the industrial computer motherboard are mainly from two aspects: 1, the work of PCB (printed circuit board). The color of the PC board with guaranteed quality is basically consistent, the finish is good, and the general quality of the board that looks shiny is better. The general standard for the number of PCB board layers is 4 and 6 layers of board, of course, the quality of 6 layers of board is much better. 2, SMT (surface mount) components of the work. Mainly by observing the mounting accuracy of some components to determine whether the production process of the motherboard is good, the standard component mounting positioning is accurate, no offset.



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