What is the difference between industrial computer and tower server?

    Industrial control computer is an industrial control computer, is a kind of computer, the main structure and working principle and the tower server is no difference, but the difference in design is relatively large. So what's the difference between the two? The following custom server manufacturers to you one by one list it!


Different chassis:

    The industrial computer box adopts steel structure, closed design, and has a large number of fixed bars inside, which has high anti-magnetic, dust-proof and anti-impact capabilities. Most of the tower servers are open structures, equipped with power fans and heat dissipation holes.

Different components:

    First of all, the PCI slot of the industrial computer motherboard is more, and some are ISA slots, and the ordinary PC board is generally not. General industrial computer motherboard does not insert a graphics card, ordinary PC motherboard on the PCI-E graphics card slot, easy to expand. Tower servers typically have only one motherboard with standard configuration components.

Different heat dissipation design:

    The cooling design of the industrial computer has a special air duct, as well as cooling fans, excellent heat dissipation, can ensure long-term operation; Most tower servers have only one power fan to dissipate heat from the outside of the chassis.

Different functional requirements:


    Through special design, the industrial computer can realize the functions of automatic restart of the watchdog, anti-surge and anti-impact, and fully ensure the stable operation of the system in the harsh environment.

    And the tower server is the public demand, multi-functional. Industrial computer is widely used in the fields of intelligence, information and automation of various departments of the national economy, such as: military, automobile, metallurgy, transportation, electric power, railway, aviation, communications, finance, network, medical, security, scientific research, industrial sites and so on.

    The above description is the difference between industrial computer and tower server, if you want to know more new knowledge, welcome to leave a message!


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