Do you understand such an industrial computer?

Fanless industrial computer (embedded industrial computer, low-power industrial computer) is a class of enhanced industrial computer, can be used as an industrial controller in the industrial environment safe and reliable operation.

一、What is a fanless industrial computer?


A popular term for fanless industrial computers is that they are small computers designed for industrial applications. Fanless industrial controllers can be used flexibly in extreme environments such as temperature and space, including automotive, medical, retail, surveillance, electronic billboards, factory control and other low-power systems in the application market.

二、The characteristics of fanless industrial computer

1. Select an all-metal industrial chassis that meets the "Environmental Impact Assessment" standard to enhance its ability to resist electromagnetic interference;

2. No fan design, the shell heat dissipation greatly reduces the maintenance requirements of the system;

3. Equipped with highly safe and reliable industrial power supply, both overvoltage and overcurrent protection;

4. With self-diagnosis function;

5. Equipped with a "watchdog" timer, when the machine crashes due to common faults, it will automatically reset and restart without human intervention;

6. Facilitate the arrangement and operation of multiple tasks;

7. Small size, thin volume, light weight, can save working space;

8. There are a variety of installation methods, such as rail installation, wall mounted installation and desktop installation.



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