Under the background of intelligence, industrial computer industry ushered in a "new era"

    Industrial computer, the full name of industrial control computer, is a computer specially designed for industrial control, used in the production process of machinery and equipment, production processes, data parameters and other monitoring and control, it has important computer attributes and characteristics, such as computer CPU, hard disk, memory, peripherals and interfaces. And has an operating system, control network and protocol, computing power, friendly man-machine interface. In recent years, under the premise of the continuous promotion of computer, communication and network technology, the rise of the industrial Internet has been considered to be relatively closed, professional industrial control systems continue to open, is no longer an island.

    With the promulgation of "Made in China 2025" as a symbol, the determination of the development direction of intelligent, digital and information technology of the industrial control system has officially made the industrial computer appear in front of people, and the development of the industrial control computer industry has ushered in a "new era". First of all, let's understand the development status of the industrial computer industry, right?

Industrial computer industry development status工

    It is reported that the continuous development of industrial automation, stimulate the market demand for industrial computer growth, earlier, the scope of use of industrial computer is limited to the industrial production process, for industrial production lines, used to control and measure the various aspects of industrial production, and with the development of intelligence, industrial computer also increased new "skills"; The derivative of industrial tablet computer makes the application of industrial computer break the original inherent situation, and begin to penetrate into the automation industry and information industry and evolve into an important situation now.

    In particular, the promulgation of "Made in China 2025" has further determined the direction of intelligent, networked and digital development of industrial control systems. In addition, the industrial computer has entered the domestic market for more than 20 years, according to Xiaobian learned that the development of the industrial computer in the domestic market is not smooth, pioneering, trying, criticizing, advancing and other different voices are always in. With the rapid development of computer technology and automation technology, the process of the overall automation and information level of China's economy and society is also accelerating.

    At present, the domestic industrial control market, mainly with foreign Siemens, Befu, Omron and other international brands occupy the majority of the market share, but like North China Industrial control, Yan Yang, Yan Kun and other well-known domestic brands, because of their rich industry experience, also occupied part of the market share, but also touch intelligence, Guangzhou CNC and other rising brands gradually open the market. With the deepening of social informatization, the key tasks of key industries will increasingly rely on industrial computer, and IPC based low-cost industrial control automation is becoming the mainstream, it can be said that with the rising market demand, domestic local brands are also rising.

Intelligent era industrial computer industry has entered a new era

    It is reported that in the traditional manufacturing mode, industrial computer manufacturers only need to provide customers with a single industrial computer hardware products, industrial computer manufacturers only need to do the performance of the product, quality as well as possible. But now the pursuit of the intelligent era of the Internet of everything, therefore, the industrial computer manufacturers put forward higher requirements. Customers are no longer just satisfied with accepting a single product, but more inclined to manufacturers can provide an overall solution with industrial computer as the core.


    The development of science and technology to a certain stage, for each product will also put forward new demands, the fourth industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing, is the integration of a large number of computer, communication and control technology as one of the intelligent system, in the context of all kinds of new technology highly integrated industry development, with the arrival of a new stage of development, Undoubtedly, the products and technologies of industrial computer also put forward the requirements of intelligence, digitalization, information and so on.


    With the high degree of integration of various technologies in intelligent systems, the technology and products of industrial computer will also usher in upgrades and changes, "new opportunities" waiting for industrial computer, as long as in the future, industrial computer breaks through the existing technical architecture, with a more open system architecture, higher integration, modular functions and intelligent machines, composed of a new generation of industrial computer products, Development will enter a new era. Therefore, to promote the intelligent, digital and information development of industrial computer technology and products has become the main purpose, then, what are the development trends of industrial computer industry?


Industrial computer industry development trend

    As one of the core equipment of intelligent manufacturing, industrial computer in product technology, services or industrial development, there have been some new upgrades and changes, its role in the era of intelligence and the task undertaken, are becoming more and more important.


    With the effective implementation of the 2025 planning goals, the future application of industrial computer will expand from the field of industrial production to many industries such as numerical control, robotics, aerospace, shipbuilding, agriculture, electricity, and new energy, and the increase in the main battlefield means that the differentiation factors that industrial computer needs to deal with are also increasing. Therefore, for the industrial computer, it is good to be able to simple operation, which will become the future direction of development, simple operation can improve the man-machine interface, simplify programming, the use of symbol keys in the operation panel, and try to use dialogue methods to facilitate user use.


    In addition, due to the development of database systems and reasoning functions, especially the application of knowledge base systems (KBS) and expert systems (ES), such as self-learning control, remote diagnosis and self-optimization, artificial intelligence will be implemented at all levels of DCS. Similar to FF fieldbus, intelligent devices based on microprocessors, such as intelligent I/O intelligent PID control, intelligent sensors, transmitters, actuators, intelligent human interfaces and programmable regulators have emerged, and industrial computers should be developed in the direction of intelligence.


    Finally, we have now entered the era of big data, the data acquisition work done by the industrial computer is the front-end application of the Internet of Things, but most of the current users only apply this information to a small range of monitoring and control, without expanding its wider range of applications, and now with the help of such a powerful basic platform of the Internet of Things, This information can be calculated and optimized to provide a wider range of applications. It can be seen from the above that the future market development prospects of industrial computer are excellent.



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