Integration of industrial Internet of Things needs, industrial computer to build intelligent manufacturing full digital system!

    With the development of the information age, the Internet has become its main characteristic. After decades of development, for the Internet, the technology has expanded the Web development technology, search engine technology, online game technology, mobile development technology, video broadcast technology and other fields. And in the dividend period of the Internet has not passed, the Internet of things has been overwhelming.

Is the Internet of Things coming?

    Compared with the Internet, there are essential differences in technology. The Internet of Things is the integration of technologies in the three fields of electronics, communications and computers, and the connection of things on the basis of the Internet, and is divided into four technical levels: perception and recognition layer, network construction layer, service management layer, and comprehensive application layer. In simple terms, the Internet is mainly a network connection between people, and the Internet of Things tends to be a network connect. 

    The Internet of Things, with the core of the "Internet of everything", has been accepted by many industries, mainly in the four "gold" sections of coal (extended industrial automation), remote sensing (environmental protection), finance (public security), and agriculture (meteorology). And involves military, fire, smart home, medical, intelligent building, intelligent transportation, water, forestry, electricity, petrochemical, mobile POS, supply chain and many other industries.

    As one of the important industries in the application of the Internet of Things, the industry connects the production equipment to the private deployment network or the cloud to achieve remote monitoring, energy management, predictive maintenance and rental of equipment, and uses intelligent products to achieve self-diagnosis, self-adjustment and self-adaptation of the production control system, thereby reducing equipment operation and maintenance costs and improving system utilization. Help industrial manufacturing enterprises to realize the whole process of digital production, information, intelligent.

    At the same time, the arrival of 5G also means that more applications of the industrial Internet of things will really land. Based on the characteristics of fast transmission, low delay, and wide coverage of 5G, the entire series of industrial processes such as raw materials, production and manufacturing, testing, warehousing, and logistics can achieve efficient network connectivity, and give full play to the role of modern science and technology to achieve the purpose of overall control and monitoring, improve production efficiency, and ensure product quality.

Touch intelligent industrial computer to help the development of industrial Internet of things

In the production process, the industrial computer as an industrial intelligent production of all kinds of information circulation and conversion center, and will gradually from a single pure hardware equipment to hardware, firmware, software highly integrated solutions, its industrial application status will be unshakable. At the same time, the industrial computer can realize the remote management and intelligent operation of traditional industrial equipment such as robots and welding machines and factory production lines, grasp the operating status of equipment in real time, remotely debug the operating parameters of equipment, receive fault warning and alarm in time, and diagnose and optimize through big data analysis.


    Touch Intelligence as a focus on industrial intelligent automation touch display equipment strength manufacturers, X86 industrial computer is widely used in many industrial scenarios. Its body is made of aluminum alloy, compatible with Win7, 8, 9, Linux and other operating systems; Supports power-on, compact and low power consumption.

    In the configuration, the use of independent research and development of industrial board J1900, support full networking mode, efficient networking at the same time to open multiple files without delay; Support configuration upgrade requirements, automatic reset function Settings, etc., to meet the production process 7*24h long time barrier-free operation requirements.


    On the interface, X86 industrial computer has 6 COM design, with daily interface Settings, the default RS232 protocol, can support change protocol RS422/485, to meet the needs of daily external equipment at the same time, DC port adopts aviation anti-fall design, and through anti-static testing, quality assurance, durable.


    In some industrial use scenarios with dust, water, oil and other characteristics, the environmental adaptability of the industrial computer is a great test, but also on the machine temperature, humidity, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration has higher requirements. Touch X86 industrial computer adopts fully enclosed fanless design, after controlled constant humidity constant temperature, controllable drop, pressure resistance, electromagnetic anti-interference and other quality testing, dust and water resistance is stronger, working humidity can reach 20%-95%, working temperature can reach -20℃~+65℃, high anti-interference, anti-vibration and other performance is stronger.


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