Haite | Quality First, Customer First, People-oriented, Unity and Progress


Suzhou Haite Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. officially introduced the ISO9001 certification system;苏州海特自动化设备

The scope of certification covers the design, production and related management activities of displays and industrial computers;

Implement IOS9001 standard, tree new image of enterprise. Implement ISO9001 standard to standardize enterprise management behavior.

Give full play to the scientific effect of ISO9001 and promote enterprises to a new level.

Build a quality system of quality culture to create attractive and soulful quality. Adhere to the principle of quality first to ensure the effective operation of the system.

Construct an integrated management system of quality, environment and safety.

Quality is the foundation of business, Management, the road to strong industry;

Benefit  is the source of business.

Build the road of quality and efficiency, create the industry of quality and efficiency.

Long wind and waves eventually, quality and efficiency xing Hong industry.

Quality first, customer first; Complement each other and create prosperity.

Customer first, reform realistic, people-oriented, unity and progress.

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