Suzhou Haite successfully signed Taiwan Hongge distributor

       In 2017, under the leadership of General manager Qin Liming, Suzhou Haite Automation Equipment Co., LTD., the performance is thriving and has achieved a breakthrough of ten million good results; On December 23, Mr. Qin Liming, general manager of Suzhou Haite, and Ms. Peng Mian, deputy general manager of Suzhou Haite, attended the 2017 Dealer Conference of Taiwan Hongge Technology, guided by cooperation, innovation, development and win-win future. During the meeting, Mr. Chen Ruiyu, general manager of Hongge Technology, and Mr. Chen Yulin, general manager of Jin Hongge, Mainland subsidiary, shared the new era of Industry 4.0 with the company executives. For example, industrial Internet of Things application technology, HOYA CLOUD series cloud services, etc., showing the strength of Hongge technology hardware and software combination; Strive for a new high in 2018!
   2018 Hongge Technology Agent Authorization ceremony?
Hongge Technology national partners gathered together

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