Siemens "Digital Twins" Selected as "World's Top Ten Technological Advances in Intelligent Manufacturing"

    The only company in the world to offer "digital twins" and integrated solutions across the entire value chain


    Digital enterprise solutions with "digital twins" as the core help global industries implement digital transformation and upgrading


    Siemens' Digital enterprise solutions with "Digital Twin" as the core were selected in the 2017 "World's Top Ten Scientific and Technological Advances in Intelligent Manufacturing". Siemens' "digital twins" concept can cover the integration and digital transformation of the whole value chain from product design, production planning, production engineering, production execution to service, and build a complete and real digital virtual model of the entire enterprise in a virtual environment, and form a two-way data flow between product research and development design and production and manufacturing execution, so as to achieve collaborative manufacturing and flexible production.


    "Siemens is the only company in the world that offers' digital twins' along the complete value chain of product development and manufacturing processes and plant management, enabling efficient mass customization." Wang Haibin, executive vice president and general manager of Digital Factory Group of Siemens (China) Co., LTD., said, "In the future, more and more enterprises will realize digital transformation and upgrading under the promotion of 'digital twins' concept and solutions, and move forward to' Made in China 2025 '."


    Siemens' concept of "digital twins" covers "digital twins of products", "digital twins of production processes" and "digital twins of equipment". In the past few years, the concept of "digital twins" and the digital enterprise solutions at its core have been applied by industrial enterprises in various industries in China to help build digital factories and support enterprises to integrate and digital transformation across their entire value chain. Including Baowu Group, CSIC, China Electronics, Aerospace Science and Industry, Qingdao Double Star, Jinda Holdings, Jinyu Biology, Citic Decca and so on. Digital enterprise solutions with "digital twins" as the core lay a good foundation for the realization of intelligent manufacturing and the vision of "Industry 4.0".


    2017 "World Intelligent Manufacturing Top Ten Scientific and technological progress" by the China Association for Science and Technology Intelligent Manufacturing Association consortium of 13 member societies and expert committee experts recommended to produce, to information technology, advanced manufacturing technology and manufacturing industry as the main line, around intelligent products, intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment, industrial Internet and other dimensions, It is selected according to the criteria of innovation, application, social and economic benefits and future development expectations. The results were announced at the closing ceremony of the 2017 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference

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