Suzhou Haite 2018 holiday notice

The Spring Festival gradually, in order to celebrate the traditional festival of the Chinese nation, so that all employees can happily enjoy the happy and peaceful Spring Festival together with their families. According to the company's research, the 2018 Spring Festival holiday arrangement is as follows:


First, holiday time:


From February 11, 2018 to February 22, 2018, a total of 12 days, including February 10, 2018 (Saturday), February 24, 2018 (Saturday) normal work. (Among them, the paid holidays stipulated by the state are normally paid, and the rest are unpaid holidays)


Second, warm tips:


(1) Employees returning home suggest making arrangements for returning home and booking round trip tickets in advance to avoid "a ticket is difficult to find".


(2) During the holidays, accidents occur frequently, and employees returning home or going out to play should pay attention to personal and financial safety during the journey.


(3) During the Spring Festival, employees' mobile phones should be kept unblocked to facilitate contact at any time.


(4) All departments need to carry out comprehensive safety checks before the festival to eliminate all security risks. Including: doors and Windows should be locked, unused equipment should be cut off the power supply: important items should be properly kept, do a good job of fire prevention and theft.


(5) Due to the long Spring Festival holiday of the company, employees are not allowed to leave in advance and return to the company late. At that time, leaders of all departments are requested to strictly control the attendance of department personnel.


The company wishes all employees a happy New Year and all the best!


We hereby inform you!

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