Suzhou Haite won the bid for a group customer self-service vending system solution

Nowadays, self-service service system is widely used in banks, stores, department stores, transportation Settings and other fields, Suzhou Haite built a complete industrial computer + touch screen solution, with flexible configuration, easy maintenance, a variety of environment and high stability advantages, is the best solution for OS/Kiosk/POI and other market applications.
Suzhou Haite with rich design experience, strong technical force and good reputation, through the efforts of leaders at all levels of the company and bidding personnel, in January 2018 successfully won the bid for a group technology self-service sales system solution, the annual program value of 3 million.
Achievement is a milestone on the way forward, and today's success is the fruit of yesterday's sweat irrigation. In the future, we need to redouble our efforts to adapt to the rapidly changing market and achieve ambitious goals. There is still a long way to go.
Company leaders hope that every employee can make continuous progress and have extraordinary performance in ordinary positions.
Finally, let's share this joy and work hard together! Wish Suzhou Haite to a higher level, tomorrow will be more beautiful!

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