Art designer

4K-8K The specific salary is negotiable









Job Description:


1. Responsible for the VI design of the company's products, the style of the online store and the product display design, the production and beautification of the homepage advertising pictures, the overall layout, the production of activity advertisements and related pictures


2, daily responsible for the company's product photography and post-photo processing


3. Responsible for the design of the company's product web page, the beautification of the page, the production of various activity posters and special pages


4. Responsible for regularly updating product pictures and pages, cooperating with store sales activities, optimizing and modifying product pages and regularly updating product homepage


Job Requirements:


1. Skilled in using PS and Al, understanding and able to use AE, PR or editing software


2, have a certain art foundation and graphic design level


3. Have good communication skills and communication skills

Company Benefits:


1. Monthly reward for perfect attendance;


2. Employee birthday benefits;


3, traditional holidays in accordance with the provisions of the state leave and welfare in kind or cash;


4. Unified social insurance for employees;


5. The company has a good working atmosphere, harmonious employee relations, and organizes colorful large-scale group building activities from time to time within the group;


6. The Group company provides a broad development platform and promotion channels;


7. Year-end bonus and equity incentive.


8, in charge of accommodation