Technical Engineer - Technical Service

4-7K The specific salary is negotiable









Job Description:


1, responsible for the company's all-in-one computer, industrial computer, display and other products and accessories technical service support


2, customer product maintenance, put forward technical questions and technical answers


3, responsible for regional customers or dealers, product technical support in product use


4, business product prototype and hardware and software debugging and assembly


Job Requirements:


1. Computer, industrial automation, mechatronics, electronics and other related majors are preferred, and fresh graduates can provide training and learning opportunities


2. Skilled use of office automation software, careful and responsible work, have good professional ethics and professional ethics


3. Proficient in electronic circuit related knowledge, familiar with and master the key points of digital and modular electrical knowledge


4. Good communication skills and teamwork spirit, rigorous work attitude and high quality awareness


5. Familiar with windows /Linux system installation, familiar with the use of maintenance tools


Company Benefits:


1. Monthly reward for perfect attendance;


2. Employee birthday benefits;


3, traditional holidays in accordance with the provisions of the state leave and welfare in kind or cash;


4. Unified social insurance for employees;


5. The company has a good working atmosphere, harmonious employee relations, and organizes colorful large-scale group building activities from time to time within the group;


6. The Group company provides a broad development platform and promotion channels;


7. Year-end bonus and equity incentive.


8, in charge of accommodation