Purchasing assistant

4-6K The specific salary is negotiable









Job responsibilities:


1. Assist in tracking the procurement materials, follow up the delivery date, ensure the timely arrival of materials, and do a good job in the daily communication between the warehouse and R & D department;

2. Timely submit payment application according to the payment terms in the contract and the project schedule;

3, responsible for the arrangement and filing of contract orders, invoices and other input work;

4. Check accounts and invoices with suppliers regularly;

5. Responsible for checking with suppliers' accounts every month and urging suppliers to issue invoices;

6, responsible for the warehouse to check and acceptance of materials, handling warehousing;

7. Assist R & D department with related document work.

Job Requirements:


1. College degree or above;

2, skilled use of WORD\EXCEL and other office software, with skilled network knowledge;

3, with strong interpersonal communication skills, planning and execution skills, learning ability.

Company Benefits:

1. Monthly reward for perfect attendance;

2. Employee birthday benefits;

3, traditional holidays in accordance with the provisions of the state leave and welfare in kind or cash;

4. Unified social insurance for employees;

5. The company has a good working atmosphere, harmonious employee relations, and organizes colorful large-scale group building activities from time to time within the group;

6. The Group company provides a broad development platform and promotion channels;

7. Year-end bonus and equity incentive.

8, in charge of accommodation