Machine building

Take the project of a foreign-funded food processing plant as an example:  the corporate headquarters needs to centrally monitor all its factories. However,  due to the different types of food produced by factories around the world,  the different construction times of factories, and the great differences in digitization degree,  the group headquarters only specifies the management data format and cloud platform architecture that need to be  summarized. Each plant can plan its own digital transformation program. The smart factory solution provided by Advantech  not only meets the cloud architecture requirements of the group headquarters,  but also builds a complete privatization deployment plan inside the factory. The transformation project is implemented  in phases, with OEE as the core in the first phase,  giving priority to comprehensive performance management of equipment.

Through the ages, those in high positions need to coordinate the overall situation,  so as to glance at the mountains and control the process of each link in real time;  The subordinates need to transmit the relevant node information timely and accurately while continuously optimizing  themselves. Today, this overall thinking is also shining in the digital era,  especially under the impact of the epidemic, not only the manufacturing industry,  more and more traditional industries are aware of the great value of digital technology in collaborative management,  and "cloud" as a sharp edge to break through geographical restrictions,  has also become the mainstream direction of enterprise transformation and upgrading.

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